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I found this picture of Sir Cliff on a friend's computer. Interestingly enough he didn't have the picture because of Cliff being in it, he had it because he's a train freak. There are no trains in this picture, but there are tracks, so it was good enough for him. I think I've seen this picture before on another website, but I'm not sure.


And I'm Darren England - a.k.a. The Moose

On the following chart statistics, number 1 songs are highlighted in BLUE type, while other Top 10 hits are highlighted in RED.  These stats are the most up-to-date that I currently have.  Unfortunately only the UK stats can be updated, if I can find away to get a copy of the right book, only available through Amazon UK or in UK bookstores.

Cliff’s UK Pop hits between 1958 and 1990

Cliff’s Billboard (US) Pop hits between 1959 and 1983

Cliff’s Billboard (US) Adult Contemporary hits between 1964 and 1984

Cliff’s Billboard (US) Pop Album hits between 1964 and 1981

Cliff’s Cashbox (US) Pop hits between 1959 and 1983

Cliff’s Chum Chart (Canadian) hits between 1959 and 1981


The LP’s, Cassettes & CD’s I Own By Cliff


Rock 'N' Roll Juvenile

I’m No Hero

Give A Little Bit More

Best Of Cliff Richard


Walking In The Light

It’s A Small World

(bottom 4 CD’s donated
by Liz Danuser of the Move It List)

Songs From Heathcliff

Private Collection 1979-1988

Real As I Wanna Be

Rock ‘N’ Roll Juvenile (see LP above for song listing)

Wired For Sound

Me & My Shadows (Cliff & The Shadows)

Rockin’ With Curly Leads (The Shadows)


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